Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome Culver-Stockton Students!


This course will focus on the relationship between the arts and culture. Students will engage in how art is frequently a reflection of, reaction to, restatement of, or a challenge to culture of its era. Exploring the political, historical, sociological, psychological and philosophical forces behind the artist studied will allow students to engage in the ongoing dialogue between culture and the arts. At each travel location, students will attend at least one musical, theatrical, dance, and visual/architectural event to experience and discover first hand this relationship.

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  1. For all those anxiously awaiting blog posts, they are soon to arrive! We tried desperately to get internet working on our I-Pad's overseas, but failed miserably. So, this blog will be flooded with posts over the next day as all the students who safely traveled to and from Europe, drinking culture through a fire hydrant, post about their experiences. Stay tuned to read about this fantastic opportunity for our C-SC students!