Monday, May 7, 2012

4/23/12 Globe Theatre

  On April 23rd in London, England we woke to a wonderful English breakfast at the Belmont Hotel. We then took a ride down the “tube” to see the sites of London. The “tube” or “metro-link” as we call it, was very crowded, yet very quiet. It was a Monday morning and the work week had just started, I am sure they were thrilled. Once we arrived at our stop we went to a little place by the Thames called the Globe Theatre. I myself am a pretty big Shakespeare fan and find his Globe Theatre to be quite interesting. Upon arrival you knew this Elizabethan Theatre was the Globe. Sara Dern gave us a presentation on the Globe to give us a little more background before we went in. The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by the Lord Chamberlains men. There were 3 Globe Theatres. One happened to burn down during a performance of Henry VIII when a canon went off and the thatched roof caught on fire. Apparently the outside of the Globe Theatre was made of plaster and sheep hair. Near the Globe during the winter the Thames was frozen, people gathered on the Ice and had a large festival called the Frost Fair. As we walked into the actual Globe Theatre I was in awe. It was breathtaking to be where the famous Shakespeare and his Lord Chamberlains Men performed historical literature that we still read/perform till this day. As I sat in the middle gallery of the Globe Theatre rain fell through the opening of the roof and scene designers were working on the trap door of the stage, art was surrounding the stage and all together it somehow formed an amazing visual picture. Shakespeare’s shows are still performed at the Globe in about every language.  After my trip to the Globe, I felt inspired to maybe one day perform on this very stage.  

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